Things To Do When Helping Someone With Bail Bonds


As soon as you hear a loved one has been arrested, it’s natural to want to help them out. For many people, the help comes in the form of securing a bail bond. If you find yourself in this position, there are a few things you need to do.

Know The Terms Of The Bail Bonds

If you’re co-signing on a loved one’s bail bonds, you need to be informed. Make sure you understand the financial commitment you’re about to make, the ramifications of what will happen if your loved one skips their mandatory court appearances, and what the terms of the bail are. If you’re not comfortable with everything, don’t sign the contract.

Don’t Use Your Physical Assets

We don’t always require collateral, but if we do, we urge you not to use your own. Putting up some cash is one thing, using your car or house as collateral is a much bigger risk. If we feel that the bail bond is large enough to justify collateral, we urge you to have your loved one use their physical assets rather than yours. If they’re not willing to do so, you should walk away from the arrangement. You don’t want to lose everything for someone else’s mistakes.

Know The Terms Of The Bail

In most cases, the court will attach strict rules to the bail agreement. These rules usually include not leaving the jurisdiction, not committing a crime while out on bail, and even restricting when and who your loved one is allowed to hang out with. If these rules are broken, bail will be revoked and your loved one will be returned to jail.

You need to be aware of the rules your loved one must follow so that you can decide if their behavior, once they’re released, indicates they could fail to appear in court or even be arrested a second time. If you see worrying behavior, it’s in your best interest to report it. Taking the time to report a problem could save you a great deal of aggravation down the road.

Discuss Your Expectations With Your Loved One

As the co-signer for your loved one’s bail bond, you have every reason to have certain expectations of them. Make sure all of these expectations are discussed and agreed to before you sign a contract. One of the things you need to discuss is how and when they will repay you.

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