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Squatting In California

There is a housing problem in California. The state has more people who need a ...
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If You File A False Report, You Will Go To Jail

It is a crime to falsely report a crime. That is, you can and will ...
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Difference Between Infraction, Misdemeanor And Felony

The terms “infraction,” “misdemeanor,” and “felony” have probably flown across your ears every now and ...
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Staying Safe During California’s Wildfire Season

Each year, California has wildfires that attract national and sometimes even international media attention. The ...
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Criminal Charges Vs. Civil Charges

One of the things that makes the American legal system confusing is that we have ...
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What Happens If I Make A Fake Or Prank 911 Call

Making a fake or prank phone call to 911 might seem like good fun but ...
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Disorderly Conduct In California

One of the problems with California’s legal system is that sometimes it’s difficult to know ...
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Understanding Slander In California

Most Americans know that the First Amendment grants the right to free speech. The problem ...
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What Is On Your Criminal History Background Check?

Anyone who has ever been arrested is going to be concerned about what happens when ...
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California Labor Laws That Employees Should Know About

Most people work hard to earn money. They need it to pay for groceries, gas, ...
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Understanding Assault With A Deadly Weapon

Assault with a deadly weapon is basically what it sounds like. It means you are ...
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When Does A Prank Go Too Far?

Most of us have been involved in pranks, both as the person pulling the prank ...
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The First Amendment

The United States is an interesting place when it comes to politics. There are marches ...
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What Happens If You’re A Drunk Passenger In A Car Driven By A Drunk Driver?

The law is clear. If your blood alcohol level is 0.08% or higher and you’re ...
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The Difference Between Manslaughter And Involuntary Manslaughter

From a legal standpoint, manslaughter is, “the unlawful killing of a human being without any ...
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