These Animals Wouldn’t Make Good Pets

These Animals Wouldn’t Make Good Pets

When it comes to owning pets, there are some animals that would clearly not make good pets, yet that does not stop some people from trying. It is for that reason, that the state of California has made it illegal for everyday people to own certain animals as pets. These animals can either cause serious harm to their owner or carry dangerous diseases.

Here is a small list of some of the animals that are illegal to be owned as pets in California.

  • CHIMPANZEES – These animals, while intelligent, can pose a threat to their owners. They can be unpredictable and aggressive, which makes them dangerous.
  • CAIMANS – These amphibious reptiles might start out small, but they can get pretty big and cause some serious damage with their bites.
  • PIRANHAS – These little fish have a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. One Piranha can do a lot of damage to a person, never mind a group of them.
  • TIGERS – These large cats can outweigh the average human and they can inflict a lot of damage with their teeth and claws.
  • BATS These creatures of the night can transmit diseases and so they are better left in the wild where they belong.
  • OWLS – Owls are wild creatures, and have sharp talons and beaks meant for catching and eating their prey, which means they should be left in the wild.
  • SKUNKS – While being smelly when provoked, they can also carry diseases like rabies.
  • RACCOON – These masked bandits are wild animals and they too can carry diseases, meaning they should be left in the wild.

However, there are some animals on the list that are banned for other reasons. Some animals are illegal to own because they pose a threat to local wildlife or agriculture if they were to get out.

  • FERRETS – While they can be cute, ferrets are illegal to own in California because they are a threat to local wildlife within the state.
  • HEDGEDOGS – These little critters are covered in quills that can easily penetrate human skin. These quills can also carry diseases on them.

All and all, when it comes to getting a pet, you may want to stick with the basics. Anything you find within a California pet store should be legal to own within the state. You will be much happier and safer with a cat or dog than with some of the other animals mentioned on this list.