Mobile Bail Bonds in California


SmartBail Bail Bonds is committed to making the bail bonds process as simple and easy as possible. Offering mobile bail bonds is just one of the things we do to make a bail bond more accessible.

The way our mobile bail bonds program works is that we have created a system that allows you to work through the entire bail bonds process without leaving your home. The first step is to contact us for a FREE consultation. This can be done online by clicking our chat now link or by calling our toll-free number.

When you contact us, you don’t have to worry about getting a chatbot or recorded message. No matter what time of the day or night you will connect with one of our highly experienced bail bond experts. There isn’t anything about the mobile bail bonds process they don’t understand. The expert you speak with will patiently guide you through the bail bond process and answer all of your questions.

You must understand that the consultation is completely FREE. Not only do we not charge a consultation fee, but it’s also free of obligation. It’s your choice to decide if you want to immediately take advantage of our mobile bail bond system or if you want to check out other options.

The next step of our mobile bail bonds process is that you’re free to fax or email the documentation that’s needed to start the bail bonds process, this includes the contract between yourself and us. Once the paperwork is complete, it’s time to pay the 10% fee. Once again, this is something that can be done completely online.

While you may have to go to the jail to give your loved one a ride home, that’s all you’ll have to do. One of the great things about our mobile bail bonds system is that we handle everything that needs to be handled. We make sure that the bail check is brought to the correct spot and that the process is handled as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our mobile bail bonds program is just one of the reasons you should turn to SmartBail Bail Bonds when one of your loved ones has been arrested and needs a bail bond. When you contact us, we promise that you will be handled with respect. We handle each case discreetly. Most importantly, we provide outstanding customer service.

Other services we offer includes:

  • 24/7 Bail Bond Service
  • FREE Online or Phone Consultation
  • 20% Discount (to qualifying clients)
  • 0% Interest Payment Plans
  • Over the Phone Approvals
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Collateral with Working Co-Signer
  • Easy to Understand Contracts
  • Discrete Service
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Se Habla Español

Contacting SmartBail Bail Bonds is the best move you’ll make after a loved one has been arrested.

Get the ball rolling by calling 213-387-5566 or clicking Chat With Us link.