Is Staying In Jail Rather Than Posting Bail A Good Idea?

Is Staying In Jail Rather Than Posting Bail A Good Idea?

Bail is expensive. It’s easy to look at the amount of money required and ask yourself if maybe staying in jail is a better idea than posting bail.

Before making a decision, you must look at the pro and cons connected to remaining in jail.

The pros include:

  • You can continue working
  • It’s easier to meet with your attorney and plan your defense
  • You get to visit with family and friends
  • You get to sleep in your own bed

While there are many pros connected to posting bail and not staying incarcerated, there are some perks to staying in jail.

Time Deducted From Your Sentence

If you’re fairly certain that you’ll be sent to prison, staying in jail rather than getting bonded out is a good way to reduce the amount of time you spend in prison. Most judges acknowledge the time served when they make their final sentence.

You’re In A Warm, Dry Place

Going home and sleeping in your own bed only works when you have a home to go to. If you’re part of California’s homeless population, you may find that spending a few months in jail is preferable to sleeping on the streets.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Violating The Conditions Of Your Bail

Depending on your criminal history and the charges you face, there could be some really strict conditions connected to your bail. These conditions could include wearing a GPS monitor, adhering to a strict curfew and staying away from anyone connected to your case.

While there are some perks connected to staying in jail, most people decide that a bail bond is an option that’s right for them.

The good news is that you don’t have to make a decision right away. It doesn’t matter if you were arrested six hours ago or six months ago, as long as bail is an option, we’re happy to discuss how you can go about qualifying for one of our bail bonds.

If you decide that a bail bond is your best option, Compton Bail Bonds should be your first call, here’s why:

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Feel free to contact us for a free consultation so you can ask any questions you may have regarding bail and bail bonds before deciding to use our services. That way you can see that with us on your side, you’ll be in good hands.

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