Do You Protect Your Credit Card?

Do You Protect Your Credit Card?

Credit cards are a great way to purchase things, since they let you make a purchase without actually having the cash in hand. However, they are very vulnerable and can be subject to be stolen.

Crooks can get ahold of credit card information in a number of different ways. Once they have someone’s credit card info, they can open accounts and make purchases that the victim will have to pay for. This is why there are people out there who steal credit card information. They get to buy whatever they want with stolen information and they do not have to pay for any of it.

Here are a few tips for keeping your credit card info safe from the hands of criminals.

  • Do not give your account number to anyone over the phone unless you have made a call to a company that you know is reputable.
  • Never sign a blank receipt.
  • Report any questionable charges on your credit card to the company that issued you the card.
  • Consistently check your bills and statements.
  • Notify the company that issued you the card if your address has changed or if you will be traveling.
  • Do not write your account number down where other people can see it, like on the outside of an envelope.
  • Save your receipts so you can compare them to your monthly statements.
  • Shred old cards and any papers that have your account info on them before throwing them away.

Above all else, notify your card issuer the moment you lose your card or if you think your info has been stolen. Most companies have a 24 hour toll-free number that their clients can call to report lost or stolen credit cards. Once you report the card, you are no longer held accountable for any purchases on the card, the card itself will be deactivated and you will be sent a new one.

Even if you just lost the card, reporting it is your best option.