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Laws Every Californian Should Know About

If you call California your home, there are a few laws you should familiarize yourself ...
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Is Being Homeless A Crime In California?

In theory, California isn’t a bad place to be homeless. Sure, the high cost of ...
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What Happens If You Give A Police Officer False Information

It doesn’t matter if you’re pulled over for a routine traffic violation or if the ...
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Consequences Of Ignoring A Jury Summons

The idea of a jury sounds like a great aspect of democracy right up to ...
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Can Police Search My Vehicle Without A Warrant?

Pretty much every driver has experienced the slight panic of seeing a police car behind ...
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Has A Car Been Abandoned On Your Street?

Cars are a huge part of everyone’s daily life. Most people have their own vehicle ...
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Risking Driving In The Carpool Lane – Is It Worth It?

Carpool lanes in California are reserved for drivers who have at least 1 extra passenger ...
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Don’t Leave The Scene Of An Accident Too Soon

Nobody ever wants to be in a car accident, even a minor one. A small ...
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What Is Exoneration In California?

Did you know that California leads the nation in exonerations? According to the National Registry ...
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California’s Take On Arson

Many people are surprised by how many arson cases occur in California during a single ...
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The Impact Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On Crime Rates

Whenever you turn to your preferred source of news, you’re likely slammed with information about ...
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The Truth About Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment fraud in California is hardly a new concept, but the pandemic has pushed it ...
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The Truth About Doxing

While it’s possible you’ve never heard the term doxing, you’ve likely seen examples of it ...
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How To Respond To An Employee Arrest

You’re normally reliable employee failed to show up for their regular shift. Concerned, you make ...
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Squatting In California

There is a housing problem in California. The state has more people who need a ...
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